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New Year's perspective

Posted by Ciaran Meagher on 1/1/2018

This weeks deliveries brings an end to our first year. I have been blessed to have met so many inspirational people over the last 12/13 months it has been absolute joy to begin bringing it together.

The idea behind is to bring you, the customer to the source so that you can be assured you are getting ethically farmed food, reduce your carbon footprint and support your local community. Thus encouraging farmers to shift the emphasis to quality over quantity.

It definitely won’t be easy but what time has shown me is that there are a lot of really great food producers in Ireland that are producing delicious, nutritious food, and what has surprised me is the amount of people that are starting to demand more from farmers, producers and the supermarkets. This can only be a good thing.

The change the world needs will start in our kitchens.

Thank you to all the new friends made and the old ones support. Happy New Year.”

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