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About Us

About TheFarmersMarket came to being to link people with local producers and farmers. We are a one stop shop for organic, artisan and ethical Irish producers. We bring them all together and deliver to your home.

Ireland is famous around the world for our rolling green fertile pastures, the beautiful bio-diversity of countryside offers and people travel from all over the world to taste our food. However, in spite of this, in recent years it has become difficult to find the best Irish producers on our supermarket shelves. At we handpick our suppliers and visit them regularly so you can be assured of the highest quality. We also list where all our produce comes from and invite you to meet them by advising of what Farmers Markets they sell at and when.

At we believe that buying local plays a vital role in supporting the economy, creating jobs and reducing our carbon footprint. However more importantly we believe that we grow some of the best food and ingredients in the world.

We wish to provide a platform for people to access the best producers in the country and for producers and farmers alike to get a fair and honest price for their produce and efforts and thus encourage the emphasis to be on quality and ethically grown food.

We deliver to your door to make good food convenient!